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  • Do I need to register in order to engage on the platform?
    Yes, in order to engage on the platform you must register for an Empyre Account.
  • Who can see my profile?
    Unless your account is private, anyone can view your profile. You can change your privacy settings any time from your profile.
  • Can posts be removed?
    If you believe a post is breaking the rules and guidelines of Empyre, you can report the post, Empyre will then carefully review the post and take the appropriate action to ensure that the community is safe and that all guidelines and policies are being followed accordingly. You can also chose to remove your own posts whenever you'd like.
  • Can I get banned for following, liking, and commenting too much?
    Currently Empyre allows unlimited actions and interactions, there is no restrictions on how many people you can follow or interact with. Also, there is no restriction on the number of comments made on posts, whether they are public or anonymous. Although, we do recommend that comments are being made appropriately and kept to a minimum in order to avoid being reported for spam and/or harassment. We also recommend that members avoid any harmful spamming.
  • How does the Collective Following feature work?
    The collective following feature will calculate the sum of all your followers across all your social media profiles and display the calculated total directly on your Empyre profile.
  • What happens if I don't generate enough sales while monetizing my content?
    Depending on your membership, your view earnings will be saved and rollover until you can successfully generate the required sales necessary to receive your payout. Empyre offers a generous $20 safety net on monetized posts so that if you do not generate enough sales, your account will still be credited with $20 (once you've gained $20 in views).
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