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Monetizing with Empyre App

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

How It Works;

-For every 1,000 views, you can earn anywhere from $0.25-$2.00 depending on your membership.

-Each post must generate a minimum of 10,000 views in order for the post to qualify for monetization.

-To be eligible for monetization, a post must attain a minimum of 15% of the total views in the form of likes. In the event that this criterion is not met, your views will be saved and kept until the requisite number of likes are obtained. This procedure guarantees that you do not forego any potential earnings, as they will be set aside until the required views and likes can be generated.

-Empyre App's minimum payment threshold depends on your membership, you will be paid on either a biweekly or monthly basis. If you do not reach the earnings threshold, depending on your membership, your earnings will rollover to the following pay date until you reach your threshold.

Monetized members based outside of Canada and the United States will be paid through either Direct Deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, check, or another agreed upon form of payment.

You must fill out the Monetization Review Form through or the app, with the post link so that Empyre App can review and verify your post in order to pay you the correct amount.

Empyre encourages you to post exclusive and original content for the community, in order to get the most out of your monetization experience. Post special updates about your life, an announcement about an upcoming product or service, and much more! Get creative, have fun with it!


Mandatory Requirements For Monetizing Content;

1.) Your personal Empyre App profile link must be displayed on your profile in either one of the following places;

  • Social media profile bio - If you are already using a link service like LinkTree, place your Empyre Profile link inside!

  • Story Highlight (Must be it's own highlight with no other content attached & the Empyre App logo must be displayed as the highlight cover photo).

2.) Set your post as a Paid Partnership with @EmpyreApp if the specific social media platform gives you that option. If not, please be sure to include "Sponsored by @EmpyreApp" or "Ads by @EmpyreApp" in the post caption/description.

^All of the above is necessary,

unless otherwise stated with

permission granted by

Empyre App

Below are examples of how you should post your content in order for a post to qualify for Monetization 👇


Rules For Monetizing Content On Empyre App;

1.) Posts that have been edited once posted will not be monetized.

2.) Buying views or any other sort of fake engagement, will have your Account demonetized and/or permanently banned on Empyre App.

3.) In order to start monetizing your social media content, you must announce your Empyre App Partnership on your story or on your next post on the second slide, second picture, or display somewhere in your video content.


NOTE- Be sure not to go against Empyre's code of conduct or Terms & Conditions when monetizing your content. If you break the code of conduct or Terms & Conditions, your account will be demonetized, meaning you will no longer be able to earn with Empyre App.

PLEASE NOTE - This first initial post will NOT be monetized as it is a mandatory condition for all members to follow upon monetizing social media content.

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