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Empyre App Guidelines

*Empyre App is primarily focused on exclusive & original content - please refrain from reposting content that has been posted on other social media platforms.

*Empyre App is strictly determined on making sure that this platform remains positive-content only, as there are many issues regarding the mental health of users on other social media platforms - please make sure the content you upload is safe for everybody’s mental health.


If guidelines are violated, members in violation of the Empyre App Community Guidelines will result in a temporary termination of their account, or permanent ban on their account.

Listed below are activities that are against Empyre App’s Community Guidelines;

•Bullying/Hating & Public Shaming

-Body shaming

-Attempting to bring others down

-Hating on the efforts of individuals

-Using abusive language towards members & staff

-Publicly Shaming for any reason


-Absolutely no racism/sexism will be tolerate, this will result in an immediate account termination and members in violation will be permanently banned from Empyre App. •Spam

-Spamming unnecessary messages, posts, or comments.

•Illegal Sales

-Sale of illegal substance, firearms, or any other illegal activity.

•False Advertising/Fraud

-False Advertising and any form of Fraud will not be tolerated on Empyre App, as we firmly believe in protecting our community. Empyre App & Staff will support authorities with full cooperation in their investigations if necessary.


-Pretending to be an individual, company or organization that you are not, will result in an immediate ban on violating accounts.

•Reporting Accounts & Content that have no issues.

-Reporting accounts & content that have no legitimate issue, is unfair to our members and will result in the reporter‘s account being temporarily terminated or permanently banned.


-Defaming an individual, company or organization will not be tolerated. If we believe a member should not be on our platform, our staff will make the appropriate judgement & call to resolve any issues upon the community.


-Empyre App

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