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How To Get An Anon Account On Empyre

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Apply here for an Anon Account on Empyre

In order to apply for an anon account on Empyre, members must first create a personal Empyre account. Once a personal Empyre account is created, members can then apply for an Anon Account on Empyre here.

NOTE- Members are required to have a personal account with Empyre before being approved for an Anon Account in order to protect our community.

Members anon accounts will be linked to their personal account (Only Empyre can see this) so that Empyre can protect the community from potential harm.

-If members abuse any Empyre accounts, all Empyre accounts associated with the abusing member will be permanently terminated and will no longer be able to use the Empyre platform.

-Members can use an anon account to ask questions, have discussions, chat with other members, and more!

*Empyre does not tolerate any sort of abuse, racism, sexism, etc. and will not hesitate to permanently terminate or ban members from using the Empyre platform ever again.

Step 1- Signup HERE

Step 2- Create anon account HERE

Step 3- Wait for Anon Account approval & creation

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