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How To Grow Your Following On Social Media (Empyre)

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

How to grow your following on Social Media (Empyre)

One of many other great benefits of Empyre, is the fact that Empyre allows unlimited actions on the site such as; following/unfollowing, liking, commenting, sharing, messaging, etc.

Which means that one of the most popular ways of growing your following on Empyre, like many other social media platforms, is engaging with other members as much as possible in a respectful and professional manner.

Another major advantage of using Empyre to grow your following, is that Empyre doesn't just target a specific niche when sponsoring a post. When you sponsor a post on Empyre, since Empyre is in the initial startup phase, your ad will be shown site-wide! Yes, meaning EVERYBODY on the entire platform will see your sponsored post! (But use this feature to your advantage while you can, as this is an extremely limited time opportunity and Empyre will be removing this feature as of the time of opening up the platform to the public).

•Engage with others


•Use hashtags to your advantage


-Using hashtags to your advantage could help you grow tremendously. Hashtags help other member's find what they are looking for. Hashtags also help categorize your post to the related niche of your content.

•Post high quality & original content

-Posting high quality and original content attracts the eye and mind. Think of the last time you were scrolling through social media and ended up seeing the exact same or relatively close to the same posts you always see, just on a different account now. You most likely didn't think twice about skipping past the post/account. Posting high quality and original content can engage people and sparks interest.

•Create shareable content

-Creating content that people can share is one of the best ways of growing a following on social media. It's almost like hearing something through word-of-mouth, we make a lot of our decisions based off what people we know have to say. So when people share your content, it's extremely likely that it'll catch the eyeballs and the attention of others.

•Sponsor a post

-Creating sponsored posts or paying to promote your posts shows people that you are serious about what you're posting and you believe people can engage with your content, especially the posts you promote. Sponsoring posts also puts your content in front of peoples eyes and chances are, there is going to be people who like your content and want to follow you if the content is right for them.

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